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Whatsapp is a personal and intimate messaging platform where people talk to family members, connect with friends and sometimes flirt as well. Any brand that seeks to get invited into my Whatsapp phone list needs to feel like a friend. So the first step is to create an engaging brand persona or character that represents your brand with it’s whatsapp number. People don’t like to chat with impersonal company names.

This can be a real person for instance the brand Rare Pink has a whatsapp number managed by it’s customer service managers who are available at all times to engage with customers. Often busy business people find it easy to engage with this person on whatsapp, exchanging pictures of products they are interested in, asking questions and even agreeing payment and delivery terms. The brand has been selling a significant proportion of it’s online sales via whatsapp after it started sharing it’s number with customers.

Whatsapp Marketing new Features and Functionality

Customizable Sender ID
Spanish Numbers senders ID by default
Whatsapp Alerts
Call Center Live Chat
Auto Replies Free
Polls thru Whatsapp
API documentation + API key
Self Administered Plataform
Data security
Personalized Whatsapp Messsages
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