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In the changing ways of marketing, bulk SMS marketing has been able to maintain its place since its inception. The key behind this success has been the ever increasing customer base that bulk SMS marketing has the potential of providing. With the number of mobile phone users increasing in the market, agencies are constantly widening their reach. Combined with this ever increasing customer base are the benefits like single click SMS delivery to customers, real time delivery reports, high response ratio that make bulk SMS marketing a potent weapon. Clients can also make use of features like scheduling& repeating messages, managing contacts with unlimited groups and much more.

  • SMS: Plain SMS or the “Short Message Service” is what is meant by “text messaging”. Here message is transmitted to another person via mobile phones. The system works through cellular communication where you send a message to a phone number. This type of message has a limit of 160 characters.
  • MMS: This type of messaging is same as SMS only with the only difference that multimedia can be attached to the text. MMS means “Multimedia Message Service” where picture and video is sent along with the text message.
  • Texting apps: It is an instant messaging apps that can be downloaded to the smart phones thus allowing one to send the texts for free of cost such as What’s App or Snapchat. Though free to use all the messages are charged as per thepart of wireless internet plans.
  • Phone specific messaging: There are certain messages that are specific to phones as they require special application that is specific to certain types of phones like I message for I phones, BBM messages for black berry etc.
  • Premium text messages: These types of messages are commonly used for mobile subscription services say for television voting or for ordering ring tones, themes or music. In order to sign up to this service one has to make sure about the frequency of the message and how often one will be sent with these messages along with the cost.
  • Funny SMS: Another form of SMS messages that are frequently received is the funny or jokes messages. These messages are not meant for advertising or any promotional effort but they are just meant to entertain the reader.
  • Informational message: Certain messages are sent by the government to inform the public about certain issues say for e.g. informing the public about election, reminding them to vote and making them realize about the social cause etc.

SMS messaging has emerged as the back bone in the marketing arena. Organizations are resorting to various SMS strategies to inform their target audience and lure them in the positive manner.

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